1931 Chevy Sedan Graphene Coating

1931 Chevy Sedan Graphene Coating

1931 Chevrolet Sedan Graphene Coating

Pearlescent 1931 Chevy is Show Ready After Getting Its Graphene Paint Protection

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You can watch the entire process in this video or keep reading and be captivated by our hi-resolution picture gallery.


A Voluptuous White Car Body


As a vehicle owner, you probably have noticed that some colors get dirty faster than others. While it is true that white is arguably the best color for hiding minor dents and scratches, it is equally true that it doesn’t hide road dirt at all. No matter how careful you drive, even the tiniest bit of grime will make itself notorious on a white car. Add dead bugs and mud from melted snow and you will start getting an idea of how difficult it could become keeping a white car clean and polished in Colorado during Spring.

That is why when this beautiful 1931 Chevy arrived at our Graphene Auto Protection facilities, we immediately began to empathize with the owner.

The stylish lines from the 30s are indeed unique, they convey refinement and class. However, no matter how much you love its look, truth is their body design contributes to accumulating dirt and dust everywhere. In short, keeping a 1931 “white” Chevy immaculate can be really frustrating.

Unless you do something about it.

That was precisely the intention of the owner by leaving this magnificent car under our care, finding a definitive solution. Fortunately, at Graphene Auto Protection we have such a solution. A next-gen graphene coating treatment.


1931 Chevy Sedan

A Tricky Combination


We quickly realized that applying a graphene coating would not be as easy as with newer cars. The curvaceous car body design posed a real challenge. Contemporary vehicles are aerodynamic hence the coating layer is relatively easy to apply. On the other hand, this 1931 Chevrolet is anything but aerodynamic.

Our preparation team had to thoroughly wash this Chevy. Extra care was taken to clean all hard to reach areas to prevent any grime or trapped debris ruining the coating. Although preparing the vehicle is always important, in this Chevy was crucial due to its many details. Fenders, front grille, wheels, headlights, everything had to be double-checked for total cleanliness. Once the car was greenlit by our prep team, we started the documentation process. Graphene Auto Protection experts went panel by panel measuring paint’s depth prior to the treatment.


1931 Chevy Sedan preparation


With documentation done, and after the proper paint correction, all sensitive areas were masked with tape to avoid damage during the graphene coating. It required a lot of patience considering how many chrome ornaments, rubber seals, and small details this beauty has.


1931 Chevy Preparation


The Future Reaches a 90-Year-Old Car


With the paint correction done and no remaining chemicals on the surface, our team was finally able to start the delicate task of applying the first layer of graphene coating.

The magnificent 1931 Chevrolet was finally getting the ultimate protection it deserves. Through our professional-grade coating treatment, the car paint would now count with a mighty layer of protection thanks to graphene, the strongest and thinnest material known to date.

Since graphene nano-coating adheres to paint at a molecular level, most shops settle with one layer as they consider it enough. But not us. At Graphene Auto Protection we are committed to delivering the utmost quality, so we do apply a second layer and also measure the paint depth again to give our customers peace of mind regarding the amount of coating applied. That way we ensure the highest quality paint finish with the most striking look possible.


1931 Chevy Graphene Protection


Beholding The Brightest White of Denver


Next-generation nanocoatings allow an exterior finish nothing short of breathtaking. We know it. However, even when we work with this product every day, we were shocked by the results in this specific car. The white now looks so bright and seems so polished that we had to document it as a Case Study.

Those nasty water etching spots will not appear again in the impeccable paintwork of this car. Neither will dead bugs, grime, and corrosion from bird dropping, now that the car is protected with graphene.

The ‘new skin’ of this 4 door sedan now offers an abrasion-resistant surface that protects the paint even from routinary washing and drying. But most importantly for the people of Colorado, it also offers a barrier against salt and other agents used during winter.

The owner now can rest assured that the paint will be completely sealed (at a molecular level) for many months to come. For optimal results, we recommended a six-month maintenance inspection to measure paint depth once more and reapply the coating if necessary.

Definitely, this amazing car deserves all the love the owner has put on it. Love that we now share in Graphene Auto Protection after having protected it.



Are you the proud owner of a classic car like this elegant 1931 Chevrolet 4 door sedan? If so, give us a call on 1-720-572-7627 or contact us to get a free quote.

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