4 Benefits of Graphene Coating Your Solar Panels

4 Benefits of Graphene Coating Your Solar Panels


Now more than ever clean energy sources are affordable enough to be considered as a viable alternative for residential, commercial, and mobile applications. Topping that list of power generation alternatives is the well-known solar energy.


Advances in solar panel technology made possible lowering their cost and increase their efficiency. However, despite all these advances, the “Achilles heel” of solar panels remains the same, dirt.


This article will explore a solution that addresses such weakness in a really innovative way, graphene coatings.


In case you are not familiarized with this next-gen material, graphene-based coatings enhance solar panel surface by adding chemical resistance, anti-bacterial protection, added mechanical strength, thermal stability, and hydrophobic capabilities.


But how those properties could possibly benefit your solar panels?


1. Increases light transmission performance


The problem with dirt, dust, and pollen buildups on solar panels’ surface is that they reduce light transmission performance. This has a direct impact on power generation performance as solar panels’ power output depends on the amount of light they receive. Graphene coating treatments keep your solar panels cleaner thus the light transmission performance is optimal for longer periods of time.


2. Graphene coatings enhance hydrophobic properties


Enhancing solar panels with hydrophobic properties is arguably the top benefit of graphene coatings. Nano-technology allows graphene coatings to adhere to solar panels’ surface at a molecular level, creating a layer of protection against weather elements. Other types of treatments cannot prevent water spots formation as graphene does. Water spots are basically dried mineral deposits thus they cause huge performance drops when light passes through them. Thanks to graphene incredible hydrophobic properties your solar panels will be immune to this kind of problem.


3. Decreases the risk of damaging the solar panels


Regardless of how careful maintenance is done, there is always a risk to crack solar panels during their cleaning process. Solar panels’ surface tends to be hot due to its construction as well as its nature. Cleaning a hot glass surface with water can be troublesome, even when the glass is tempered. Graphene coatings reduce the risk of damaging the solar panels in several ways. For one, they increase the thermal stability of glass but most importantly they add mechanical strength to it.


4. Lowers maintenance costs


Last but not least, graphene coatings should be considered as an investment and not as an expense. Why? Because they pay for themselves. Graphene inherent chemical resistance, anti-bacterial properties, and added lubricity allow you to reduce maintenance costs by increasing service intervals, reducing the risk of damaging panels, reducing the chances of organic deposits buildup requiring panels extraction and servicing, and more.




It is not common finding such a cost-effective solution as graphene. By simply applying a layer of graphene to solar panels you can obtain a huge difference, both in performance as well as cost reduction.


Graphene coating solutions are currently available for residential, commercial, industrial-level power plants, mobile applications, and more. Contact us for more information.


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