The Graphene Coating Process

The Graphene Coating Process

Graphene Auto Protection has noticed that no one else is explaining the start to finish process. In this article we will explain in depth the way Graphene Auto Protection protects your vehicle.

  1. The preparation
  2. The documentation
  3. The paint Correction
  4. The Graphene application
  5. The maintenance
  6. Our guarantee

The Preparation

Locking in chemicals under the grapheme or ceramic coating will be fatal to the protection. So, therefore the prep team takes great care in removing said chemicals by using PH neutral products. when initially washing the vehicle. We will make sure that all areas that have paint even the areas under the rubber seals, belt moldings, drip moldings etc… are coated, sealing every part of the vehicle. The images below will explain the depth of prep that is involved.

The Documentation

Documentation is so important to the ongoing maintenance and customer satisfaction. Laid out below is how we carry out this process.

We use a paint depth gauge to find every panels paint depth and then document that information. Once the Graphene has been applied the depth gauge is used for the 2nd time to give our clients the difference in depth. These differences will then be documented and used to give us the Information needed at the 6 month maintenance wash.

The main reasons for the documentation is to give our clients the peace of mind in knowing their vehicle is still protected and gives us the date needed to succeed.

The Paint correction

We have 2 types of paint correction, single stage and dual stage. Unfortunately, until we see the vehicle we will not be able evaluate what is needed to make your vehicle shine.

The Graphene Application

Graphene is a one-atom layer and has been proven to be much stronger and more flexible than ceramic coating allowing us the luxury of least resistance. After the correction the surface is stripped of any remaining chemicals and the application begins. We then wait 1 hour and reapply giving our clients the one up on our competition.

The Maintenance

We believe that a six-month maintenance inspection is far better than the 1 year that others offer due Graphene Auto Protection wants to keep your vehicle protected. We ask our customers to follow our maintenance guides before and after our inspection. A Maintenance guide will be provided. When our clients are here for the inspection we will take our clients around the vehicle with our paint depth gauge to show transparency. If there is any differences Graphene Auto Protection will re-apply the Graphene.

Our Guarantee

Guarantees vary depending on the package you ordered but it is our mission to give you a 5 star service and will not falter in our unwavering need to please.

All guarantees will be documented and provided at the end of the process.

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