Why Graphene is superior to Ceramic in Colorado?

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Why Graphene is superior to Ceramic in Colorado?

What difference can it make where you live? In this article, we’ll explore how the unique conditions of the state of Colorado favor the use of graphene coatings instead of its ceramic counterpart.


What makes Colorado So Special?

Well, aside from its beauty, there are some peculiar aspects to consider:


  • It has a semi-arid climate. Colorado ranks 44 on average yearly precipitation and on top

of that it has one of the lowest humidity levels nationwide.


A unique climate requires unique solutions. Colorado Department of Transportation employs a

 special mix of granular salt with chloride-based de-icers to melt snow during wintertime.


Ceramic Coatings, Simply Not Enough

Ceramic coatings are amazing, however, they have a few known weaknesses:


  1. They tend to retain heat and thus they are prone to create water spots especially when exposed to mineral-rich water.
  2. With few exceptions, ceramic coating treatments attract dust due to its electrostatic
  3. Due to its composition, ceramic coatings are sensitive to abrasion produced by heat, dry winds, salt, and high pH solvents.


As you can see, the special climate of Colorado poses a harsh environment to ceramic coatings, Now the question is, what level of protection offer graphene coatings to the people of Colorado?


Graphene Coatings, The Solution

Let’s compare the level of protection offered by ceramic vs graphene coating in Colorado:



Ceramic Coatings

Graphene Coatings

Dry winds Low Good
Mineral-rich water drops Very Low Good
Dust Low Good
Heat Low Very Good
Abrasion Low Very Good
Salty water Very Low Good
Alcaline solvents Very Low Good
Variable weather and temperature Average




We’re not saying that graphene coatings are going to make your vehicle’s paint “impenetrable,” but the truth is that so far scientists have only found one weakness for graphene-based applications, oxygen-rich environments. Now, if you think about it, Colorado’s high elevation (and lower oxygen content) offers the ideal conditions for graphene coatings. In short, if you live in the state of Colorado your best option is hands down graphene over ceramic.

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